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Star-lord 🌌
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It bothered me that none of the Tiny Groot GIF’s loop, so…
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Follow THIS LINK to purchase your very own copy of the Sterek Book. Each copy is $17, of which $14 is for individual printing costs, and $3 is for our chosen charity.
All proceeds will go to The Ali Forney Center, a safehouse which provides shelter, food and counseling to homeless or struggling LGBTQ teens in NYC. This is an amazing organization that we are proud to be supporting!
The sale starts now and ends in 48 hours, at 11:59pm EST on Sunday.
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Rape is the only crime on the books for which arguing that the temptation to commit it was too clear and obvious to resist is treated as a defence. For every other crime, we call that a confession.

I’ve gotten more angry asks about this post than I have actual reblogs.

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Coming back from the cinema expecting a shit ton of starmora fics and then finding nothing like

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Can he be more perfect?
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When Peter Quill goes to Earth, someone introduces him to Heelies. They are his preferred mode of transportation for weeks.
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I need his prosthetic leg.

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(Images should be read from the bottom, up.)

GoFundMe is allowing a campaign for people to donate money to Darren Wilson, the cop who killed Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO.

When called on this, and how it violates their ToS, GoFundMe’s response was to delete the hateful, disgusting, racist comments from the donations. They refused to end the campaign. Apparently it is only “promoting hate, violence, racial intolerance, or the financial exploitation of a crime” if people can see the deplorable sentiments behind the donations. Somehow deleting the evidence of those sentiments magically changes what those donations are for: rewarding a police officer for killing Michael Brown.

This is absolutely a direct violation of GoFundMe’s ToS, yet GoFundMe is refusing to act. These are people giving money to an individual that gunned down an unarmed black teen. He is profiting from this killing, and it directly promotes racial intolerance and violence. There is no reason why GoFundMe should allow this campaign to continue…

… Except that GoFundMe gets 5% of the cut. In this case, 5% of 235k is $12,500. GoFundMe and Darren Wilson both are profiting off the killing of Michael Brown, and GoFundMe has decided they’d rather take their cut of the money than follow their own ToS. $12,500 is apparently what it takes to abandon justice.

Please, join in the boycott of GoFundMe, and consider signal boosting this.

Thank you.

Go fund me has done other shitty things as well.

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kaikaina grif is a gift to us all

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